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pubg kaç gb. Lateral definition: 1. lateral thinking, the solution of problems through an indirect and creative approach. find the right word. specific sense " situated on either side of the median vertical longitudinal plane of the body" [ century dictionary] is from 1722. lateral lateral es un concepto de restaurantes diferente que combina las recetas más tradicionales con creaciones vanguardistas, siempre con productos de calidad. when something is extending to the side or moving to the side, it’ s lateral.

lateral: [ lat´ er- al ] 1. pertaining to a side. of or constituting a change within an organization or hierarchy to a position at a similar level,. games & quizzes thesaurus word of the day features; shop buying guide m- w books. of, relating to, or situated at or on the side. lateral: [ noun] a branch from the main part ( as in an irrigation or electrical system). a lateral consonant is. ) and directly from latin lateralis " belonging to the side, " from latus ( genitive lateris) " the side, flank of humans or animals, lateral surface, " a word of uncertain origin. ) " of or pertaining to the side, " early 15c. log in; register; dictionary. lateral stability of aircraft during flight.

lateral mark, a sea mark used in maritime pilotage to indicate the edge of a channel. lateral support ( disambiguation), various meanings. lateral definition, of or relating to the side; situated at, proceeding from, or directed to a side: a lateral view. " all of the lateral movement in tennis hurt her knees and she had to quit playing. relating to the sides of an object or plant or to sideways movement: 2. denoting a position farther from the median plane or midline of the body or a structure. , from old french latéral ( 14c. lateral pass, a type of pass in american and canadian football. lateral: of, relating to, or located on one side. lateral synonyms, lateral pronunciation, lateral translation, english dictionary definition of lateral. iskilipli atıf hoca.

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